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I am continually inspired by Dorothy and Fred’s gesture of friendship, and the incredible effect on people that they have. We debuted the Dorothy and Fred teaser at the 2014 Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) National Convention in San Diego in late July, early August. I received a few emails extending well wishes for the documentary. One in particular came from Maureen Roque, Associate Producer, Kababayan Today. She told me she was doing research on Filipino Americans while in school. She came to Seattle where she had a chance to meet both Fred and Dorothy.

”The Cordova’s are my own personal heroes when it comes to community activism & the preservation of OurStory in this country” - Maureen Rogue

I believe Maureen became aware of our documentary at the FANHS National Convention. But don’t quote me on that! :o) She enthusiastically offered to help bring visibility to the Dorothy and Fred Documentary and proceeded to connect me with Giselle Tongi Host / Producer of Kababayan Today. I quickly became aware there are other like minded artistic, creative Filipino Americans who believe it is important to showcase our Filipino American heritage in media, not only for the filipino community but for all American audiences. Giselle (or “G”) is cut from the same cloth. It was encouraging to share stories. I felt supported by these two professional women who are sympathetic to the challenges of producing and creating Filipino themed media. I want to thank them both for beliveing in this project and promoting this project to their audience. As Giselle said, "Just bridging our Filipino talent together, In solidarity" I hope you all support their efforts as I do at on this link. Kababayan TV

Here is what aired on the show this week.

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