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Dorothy & Fred / Documentary (In Production)

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"It is important for us to let people know that we are here... ​We've done something in this country to help build this country"

Dorothy Cordova



Dorothy and Fred is a story of acceptance and acknowledgement. Their life long commitment reveals the Filipino American experience and contribution to America.  A story all Americans should be aware of. 

Non Profit 

Producer / Director Rey Sabado and the Filipino American National Historical Society - Greater Seattle Chapter is working together to make this documentary a reality.  

Current Production

Producer / Director Rey Sabado has begun recording the oral history of Dorothy and Fred Cordova beginning October of 2013. Additional shoot days in several locations were completed during the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2014 to frame the documentary concept. In  June we completed a  teaser for fundraising efforts to raise money to cover outstanding production cost and raise money to complete the production of this documentary. 


2015 - 2016


Our plan is to continue additional sessions with Dorothy. The hope will be to raise an initial $50,000 to cover the outstanding teaser production costs and to complete  Dorothy’s oral history. 


When additional funding is raised production  will continue and concentrate on 3 locations around the United States documenting key historical milestones in Filipino American history. When we  wrap production by July 2016  post production begins. Post production estimated completion time is August / Sept 2016. Estimated production and post cost $125,000. 


Marketing will overlap post production during the  August / September time frame and concentrate on film festivals and film distribution markets. This focused effort  will align the Dorothy and Fred Documentary for national and international distribution.  Estimated marketing cost $75,000

Director's Note

As a Filipino American I can fully appreciate the significance and the impact that Dorothy and Fred Cordova continue to have, not only to Filipinos who live in America but Americans in general. Their work, dedication and accomplishment  directed at recording our Filipino experience in America is courageous and preserves our cultural identity. I feel compelled to utilize my creative talents and resources to honor Dorothy and Fred but also to contribute to the preservation of THEIR story as part of the record of Filipino American experiences. 


The incredible amount of support has begun to surround this documentary. Talented artisans and filmmakers want to bring their talents to this documentary. But we need your help.  With your tax deductible donation we can make this happen. 


Salamat Po (thank you)

Rey Sabado -  Producer / Director

If you have interest in helping in kind let us know what you are thinking. We would love to hear from you.

The Crew

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Our crew grows, contracts and shuffles, impacted by varying production schedules and other project commitments. The constant is collaborating with professional and experienced artisans who believe in the importance of the Dorothy and Fred documentary and can bring valuable industry film experience resulting in the highest production value. Ongoing relationships are forming with other specialized artisans in the field. We look forward to the collaborative creative magic that will happen on this documentary.  Very exciting!


Here are a few of the filmmakers  and other creatives who have guided  this project. 


Rey Sabado

Producer / Director


Cathy Bryant

Executive Producer


Whitney Keyes



Lars Larson



Androu Morgan 

Audio Sound / Editor


Jess Grant

Producer / 1st AD


Dina Guttmann

Senior Editor


John Davidson



Del Engen



David Shulman

Founder Seattle Film Institute

Industry Consultant


David Trees

Story Consultant

David Trees received a BS in Film Production from Montana State University, and also studied both screenwriting and fiction writing at the University of Washington. His many adventures with the pen include scripting film documentaries, writing for television, and a newspaper writing career as reporter, editor, and columnist. David was awarded the national Writer's Digest grand prize for his screenplay Under High Woods.\


Cynthia Mejia-Giudici

2nd generation pinay, Pangasinan roots
Teacher, writer, historian
In 1975, Dorothy Cordova taught me how to conduct oral interviews when I worked in Seattle's Chinatown/ID.
I interviewed manongs and manangs who came to the US in the 1920's and 1930's for the Washington State Aural/Oral History Project for the bicentennial. I have also made contributions to the Filipino community through writing, research, and setting up exhibitions.





Kryselle Manzano

Production Assistant


Daniele Menez


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