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Narrative Feature Films

We are excited to be in development of a series of films for US and International audiences. The range of films are positioned to align with popular film genre’s.  We intend the films to dramatize accurate and misunderstood cultural differences and bring sensitivities between cultures in a positive and entertaining way.  Our hope is to create teams with US and Asia filmmakers in development, production and marketing to cost effectively produce these films. This unique approach bring opportunity for talented up and coming filmmakers and actors.  


Chinese To Go

Romantic / Comedy


Mason an American college student wants more out of life and finds inspiration from a mystical Chinese national cook and his niece.



Short screenplay and feature narrative synopsis 



Drama / Suspense


Angel realizes he has lived his life for everyone else and begins to find himself when he reconnects with a childhood friend and builds a show car.



Screenplay 1st draft  





Emily an American travels to the Philippines where she becomes a victim of human trafficking 





Sticks and Stones



Jewel a young beautiful Filipina national is an accomplished stick fighter who loses to an American in a international competition. She learns to embrace her heritage when she visits the United States.






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